We are proud members
of the United Kingdom
Paintball Association
United Kingdom Paintball Association




Paintball Equipment list

  • Full head protection
  • Anti-fog goggles
  • 200 shot capacity paintball hopper
  • Inferno semi-automatic paintball gun
  • Gas bottle for paintball gun
  • Black ninja suit
  • Battle pack
  • Quality biodegradable paintballs

We issue all paintball players with high quality protective paintball
equipment including top of the range anti-fog goggles.


The facilities at Paintball Somerset are second to none.
The M*A*S*H* style Base Camp and game zone structures
are meticulously maintained to the highest standard.

• Varied game zones
• Large undercover base camp
• Flushing WC's on mains water
• Large car park
• Practice range
• Refreshments area < br>• BBQ and rest area
• Great food and refreshments

We have a great selection of soft drinks and snacks
available in the main base camp store.

M*A*S*H* style Base Camp

The under cover safe area has hot and cold running water, his and hers flushing WC's
as well as a clean and well run canteen area where customers can sit and relax or grab
a bite in between games. We pride ourselves on keeping all our facilities clean and tidy.
Some game zones can be viewed from the base camps so people who have been shot out
and spectators can still be in close proximity and safely watch all the paintball action.

The equipment you receive at Paintball Somerset is designed to give as much protection,
camouflage and comfort as possible.

The equipment is probably one of the most important parts of your day.
You will receive freshly laundered ninja suits and the latest anti-fog goggles when you arrive.

Safety at Paintball Somerset

Safety is of paramount importance to us at Paintball Somerset . Our strict safety procedures as laid out by the UKPBA
( United Kingdom Paintball Association ) need to be adhered to at all times for your own as well as other customers protection.
Our expertly trained marshalling staff will actively enforce our safety procedures at all times.
Non-compliance with paintballSomerset safety procedures will result in players being asked to leave the field.

Safety goggles are to remain on your face at all times when out of the safe zone. The guns we use are Infernos and they not only fire up to 7 rounds per second but also are highly accurate at distances of up to 200 yards.

Paintball Somerset advises that paintball participants wear gloves (available for purchase) and walking boots
(although trainers are adequate) and suitable comfortable clothi ng, worn underneath the provided ninja suits.

The paintballs supplied by our centres for your safety and the protection of the environment, are biodegradable paintballs .
For Health and safety precautions, players may only use paintballs sold at our sites on the day.

Safety Policy
All paintball sites should have a safety policy and we are no exception.
Our policy is on display in the safe area of our site.

Everyone who plays at Paintball Somerset is automatically insured under our
Full Public liability insurance
- required by all paintball sites.

Junior Safety
Nothing is left to chance. Especially when it comes to the youngsters.
Young Gunz and adults don't play in the same events and we tend to
be more vigilant than ever when it comes to wearing their masks.

We actively encourage at least one parent or guard ian to be present on the day, and we require
parents to sign a legal disclaimer in order to make them fully aware of the possible risks.

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